We believe that everyone is a wine drinker.

Why do so many people believe that the wine industry isn’t for them? Because they never see themselves reflected in the marketing and journalism surrounding the industry.

It’s time to Progress Your Palate.

"As an LGBT lawyer of color, I know all too well what it means to work in an industry in need of greater diversity and representation. While I can’t say where this newfound passion for wine will take me, it means the world to see myself represented."

- Damian Holden-Smith

"As an Asian American female, I have to fight everyday for representation in all facets of life. It's very meaningful to be part of a campaign about making wine inclusive and progressive."

- Pui Chi Wong

"I love how a single bottle of wine actually contains several versions of itself to be discovered as we venture deeper into it. A lot like people."

- Eric Cox

"As a fat woman I rarely see myself reflected in media, particularly in relation to enjoyable consumption. I want to open people's eyes to the diversity of the wine world."

- Maura FitzDaniel

Progress Your Palate

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